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Murphys Law

My miracle came in the form of a horse, many horses in fact, but there is one so very special. His name is Murphys Law and he is a Shire.


I got a call from Tufts Medical Hospital. They said there was a horse that belonged to the state and when he got sick there was no money in the budget for the operation he needed and no finances for the extensive care he would need but, they didn't want to put him down. I still do not know how they found me, a very ordinary woman, who just passionately loves these horses in need.


I told the doctor as a matter of fact, I had just borrowed money to add on to my barn and it was just his size and yes I would like to meet him. I had always wanted to have one of these big beautiful horses in my life.


The day I met him they had a tube up his nose and he was miserable. I held his head and he leaned into me, and I said, It would be okay sweetheart we'll be okay, and I truly believed it. They told me I could take him. The bill was roughly $4,000 for the operation that would put a hole in his neck for a tube, a tube he desperately needed in order to be fed food and water.The doctor said he would also need a special blend of pellets soaked three times a day and twice a day introvenus water bags needed to be hung above his head. No hay at all. My heart ached, how does a 1700lb horse not chew anything? He wanted hay so badly but I stuck consistently to his diet. On our daily walks he could have a little bit of grass but I would have to tear him away from it.


Thank heavens I didn't really know what I was getting into because I never in a moment doubted he would get better, and oh my god did I fall in love! With all he was going through he was always an angel. He amazed me with his courage and spirit. I strugged, I won't lie, there were times after bartending and caring for the other 18 horses when I'd be feeding him in the middle of the night in the winter after lugging hot water so we wouldn't freeze, the tears would come and I'd think I cannot keep up. Then I'd look in his eyes and I knew I'd find a way, no matter what. He came in August and I thought, for my birthday in November Murphy, it's all I want for you to be able to chew. Nope. Murphy eat for Xmas it's all I want. Nope.


But in the coming of the next summer he started to eat but then got pnemonia. I nursed him through that and upon recovering from that he seemed to be swallowing. Oh my god he's swallowing! I called everyone! My vet Kendal was thrilled, Dr. Costa at tufts was ecstatic, my friends were amazed, and I was on me knees thanking god and the angels for their help.


Murphy is now doing great and eating everything in sight! Just looking at him healthy and happy makes my heart soar like an eagle. It was a very very hard road for us but I am so greatful that I got to be there for him.


Thank you for your interest and support I appreciate it more than I could ever say. Love and blessings to you all

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