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Winston Churchill - There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man

About Black Feather Horse Rescue

From its humble backyard beginning, Black Feather Horse Rescue strives to improve the health and well-being of abused, injured and neglected horses. Black Feather Horse Rescue began with the adoption of Luke, a charismatic Palomino, who will live out his life here at BFHR.
In the fall of 2004, BFHR opened its doors to a barn that immediately became too small. With things the way they were, the facility could only accommodate 15 horses at most. Unfortunately, the demand had increased so much that I became fearful that I would have to turn away horses in need. During 2008 more fencing and paddocks were added to the rescue in hopes of increasing happiness and space at the rescue. In late 2008 the completion of a new barn, which adjoins the old, has greatly improved our housing demands and the well-being of the horses. Seven new stalls and more space to store hay and equipment has helped the efficiency of the day to day operation of the rescue. All of this has had a positive impact on rescue, but there are still obstacles to overcome. The addition of Murphy's Law and Arielle have been the most difficult challenges due to their extreme circumstances but both are doing great at the rescue!

Future dreams at Black Feather Horse Rescue include an indoor area for the programs that we have here for children to complete the circle of loving and giving. I also hope to continue to improve fencing and add more pasture areas for general grazing in hopes of lowering my hay consumption and budget!  It is my wish to continue to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home horses in need not only for the sake of these horses, but for the blessings they in turn bestow on all of us who are lucky enough to have contact with them. 

From hay and grain, to veterinary care and farrier services, it is an extremely expensive undertaking to provide for a sick horse.  With more and more horses coming my way for care, I have realized that in order to continue, I must ask the community for help. Thankfully, the community has responded with donations and tremendous support of what I hope to accomplish.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to help heal these angels on earth!
The horses and I thank you!

I also  operate the family trout hatchery, which is where the email comes from.  The Hatchery has been in the family for 100 years.  Every penny donated goes directly to the horses.

a note from Darlene.......

​These amazing animals are my life and I work my hardest to support this rescue. However, without the help of all you wonderful people, I wouldn't be able to continue to operate. Words cannot begin to describe how blessed we are to have such wonderful friends. Your loyalty humbles and inspires me.


The Earth Angels and myself are very grateful and appreciate everything you have done!                          

Love, Darlene Nickerson


If you would like to contact me about volunteering PLEASE call me:


Our New Book Has Arrived

"Arrival of the Hooligans"   With the hope of helping the rescue survive, Black Feather Horse Rescue proudly presents the third book in our series;
      The Arrial of the Hoolligans

The antics of three of our minis and how they settled in here at Black Feather

Murphy's New Home

With the hope of helping this rescue survive, Black Feather Horse Rescue proudly presents :​

Murphy's New Home

A beautifully illustrated children's book featuring the story of Murphy's Law.

On sale now at Morrison's Home &  Garden for $10.00.  100% of the proceeds go directly to our needy horses


With the hope of helping this rescue survive, Black Feather Horse Rescue proudly presents :


A Forever Home For Luke

Never underestimate the Love for and by an Animal

On sale now at Morrison's Home &  Garden for $10.00.  100% of the proceeds go directly to our needy horses.

click "add to cart" to buy online & have delivered right to your door

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