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She is not up for adoption.

I met her years ago and fell in love and was so drawn to the underdog but at the same time so impressed with her strength and intelligence. 

I met her owner and he said ride her, I trusted her. Smart or not I can't say, but I did. I just prayed she trusted me. So, bareback with a lead rope, on I got.

It was nothing short of God-like. My feelings for her and her sharp sassy attitude. I was amazed and thrilled and thankful that this gentleman trusted me with this precious angel.

I had some amazing kids coming to the farm - I would love to have this horse at my farm ( what an inspiration ).

Long story short... I was asked by the owner to take her and her 30 something mother Kalia.

Living with Ariel is amazing. She brings such joy and compassion to everyone she touches. I am so blessed to have her.

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