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Copper name is Copper and I'm a handsome 26 year old Chestnut Thoroughbred gelding.  I was rescued by Darlene well before the realization of her passion for rescuing horses and the conception of Black Feather Horse Rescue.  I like to think that we realized that passion together. 


Anyways, here's my story:  There I was, April of 2004, in pretty tough shape.  I was extremely malnourished and underweight and also suffering from serious laminitis.  I suddenly went down and just didn't have the strength or the will to get back up.  Boy, was I in trouble. 


Out of nowhere I felt this healing touch and heard the voice of love and compassion.  That voice told me that no more harm would come my way and promised to do right by me as I still had a full life ahead of me.  It encouraged me to try to get to my feet once more so that I could go to a loving barn where I would be cared for, well fed, and even kissed on a daily basis!  The more I listened to this voice the more I felt that I could do it and soon I was on my feet being led to a trailer that promised to bring me to a wonderful home.  And what a home it was.  The air was so fresh and clean that I could sense the healing power within it and I just knew I would make it even though the vet and farrier had their doubts. With lots of love, proper veterinary care, quality hay and grain along with the necessary hoof care and exercise, here I am today!  Three years later, I'm a member of the BFHR herd. 


I've seen alot of horses in need come through our barn and receive the same great care and love that I received so that they could find comfort in a loving forever home.  Now it's my turn.  I am up for adoption! Won't you please consider opening your heart and barn to me? Thanks for reading my story!

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