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Tiki's Story

I got a call from a vet about a mare on the Cape.  She had given birth 2 years previous and 2 horses was just too much for the older gentleman.  Midnight had hoof issues and he hadn't the money to see how bad.  I brought her home on a Monday.  Tiki, a Hanovarian cross gelding fell for Midnight on sight. 


I placed her near him in her own area as she was in pain and having trouble walking.  It soon became apparent they needed to be put together.  Four days later, my vet was finally able to come and see what could be done to help Midnight.  It was bad and the feeling of 2 vets was that she needed to be put down.  Oh my heart hurt!  I didn't want to give up so I prayed and begged her to tell me what she needed.  I began adding cinnamon to her food.  You see, Midnight had laminitis, among other hoof issues, and cinnamon, I was told, can help laminitis. 


On Sunday & Monday you could see her pain and it was decided that the kindest thing to do was to send her to a better, pain free place.  For the 8 days that Midnight was with us, Tiki never left her side.  He stood over her when she had to lay down, he lifted her head with his neck when she was down, he stood close so she could lean on on him when she needed.  Maybe she was sent to us for that last week of her life to be filled with love.  On Tuesday afternoon, we sent her to a better place and with tears streaming down my face, I jumped bareback on Tiki with only a halter and lead and off through the woods we went.  I needed to be close and tell him of his tremendous gift to Midnight.  We loved her and did all we could.  What a very special and wonderful boy Tiki is!  How lucky I am to have him here. 


I've been trying to place this earth angel because I know that he has more good to share, but I'll tell you it will be so very difficult to see him go!  There are days when I struggle with worry about money and am I giving them all they need, but the one sure thing is these amazing animals will continue to surround me.  The real gift is that I'm the one that's been rescued and I'll keep praying for the help I need to continue to help all the horses I can.  May your god embrace you this season of giving and may we all embrace each other. 


~ Thank you, Darlene Nickerson & all the Earth Angels at BFHR

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