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If  you have seen the book, you know a little about this beautiful palomino. He belonged to a friend. I had met him and fallen for him.It had been many years without horses and I was taking care of my mom with Alzheimer's, when my friend asked if I could take him. I out a shed up and he wasn't in the back yard very long when I asked myself...How had I lived so long without horses? Luke was ah huge help to me, Alzheimer's is a horrible disease and difficult to watch. I had Luke as well as goats, chickens, dogs, cats to care for and they were all blessings. Luke and I took daily walks and watching him care for the other animals was amazing. He is the most nurturing animal.

In 2011 I lost a foal. It was a storm day. I cried for what seemed to be hours. I had such plans to share this baby as a therapy horse. And, I was worried about the mom. Everyone was in that day and it seemed they all knew we has a tragedy. The next I let them out of the barn with the mother in the center so I could watch he. Well, I wasn't alone because Luke never left his stall where he could see her unless she wandered just outside the door' He would then run out his back door around the corner so he could see her.

I've been blessed to witness Luke doing this type of thing time and again, He is truly a gift from God.

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