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Copper's Story is the 4th book in a series of children's books published by a rescue to help not only animals but children in need.



Since opening our doors in 2004 the Black Feather Horse Rescue in Plymouth, Massachusetts has rescued dozens of horses from abuse, neglect, starvation, and abandonment. It's been an amazing journey filled with hard work, love, learning, and gratitude not only for these amazing animals but for the people that have fundraised, volunteered, and helped save many of the horses. 

We have many different fundraising events including barn dances, poker runs, yard sales, but we decided it was time to include everyone possible in our attempt to raise money to produce this children's book, "Copper's Story". The story centers on Copper, my first rescued horse, finding my purpose in life, and ultimately beginning the non-profit Black Feather Horse Rescue here in Plymouth, Massachusetts. 


The book has already been written and illustrated but in order to complete this book we need to raise the money for the publishing costs. By successfully raising the funds for this project we will be able to finally produce the book. All donations to this project go 100% directly towards this goal. This book will be the fourth book in the series all of which focus on the animals of the horse rescue. 


Through the children's book series we have helped a number of sick, troubled, and special needs children learn about the animals and the importance of love and determination when overcoming difficult obstacles. 

If your interested in learning more about Black Feather Horse Rescue . Thank you for listening to our story!




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