John Steinbeck - A man on a horse is spiritually, as well as physically, bigger than a man on foot

Welcome to the Black Feather Horse Rescue Website!

The mission and passion of this rescue is to find abused and neglected animals, particular horses. To give them a loving and healing home, earn their trust, care for their needs and when possible find them new loving homes. To continue the circle of love, sharing and giving, we invite sick and special needs children and their families to Black Feather Horse Rescue so they can enjoy the company of the horse and beautiful woodlands with pine trees, clean air and streams of trout we raise. We also bring our mini horses on visits to the elderly. It is our hope that, even if just for a short time, sickness and sadness are left behind.


Oh to be part of this herd!

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Thank You Glynn Electric!!!

We are a 501 (c) non-profit organization that has been in operation for over six years.  To date, we have been blessed  to help over 30 horses.  We couldn't do this without the kindness and support of all the Friends of Black Feather Horse Rescue!  Thank you so much for your continued support.  All of our Equine Earth Angels appreciate everything you do for us!

October 18
Annual Halloween Costume Party Fundraiser
Our annual Halloween Costume Party fundraiser will be held at the Plymouth Elks from 7-11 PM
10$ per person
3$ for kids under 12
Kids under 5 are FREE
There will be a cash bar, DJ, raffles, prizes, and some great costumes.


The most amazing thing has happened here. Glynn Electric, Inc. and their group of angels touched down at BFHR.

So many people came to work here on their day off, to make change at the farm. Many that couldn't make it here still donated.
They busted their butts all day! My fencing was at its worst, now I have new beautiful safe paddocks for the horses. Cabinets in my grain room were installed by Reynolds Construction. This will give me room to store things neater. The rocks were set on the liner for the Koi Pond of the Timothy Seaver Serenity Guarden and in general things were cleaned stalls mucked and I can only hope that everyone had a good day. I know this land is special and my animals are amazing.
I am so very blessed to be here and to know the Glynn Family and their beautiful crew of angels.

I love what I do here so very much, if only Tim was at my side! Thank you to everyone that helps, supports, volunteers, prays, or just plain cares. The animals need us all to be there for them! And when we come together, we truly can move mountains!


Love, Respect, and Gratitude,

Darlene and all the Earth Angels at BFHR

Earth Angels Documentary


The Salah Foundation, Harvard Pilgrim's mini grant, and State Street Matching Program.


Thank you to Oak Point for having us at their August Fair! Thank you so very much to everyone for helping to make that a great day and raise money to help the animals.

Love, respect and gratitude,

Darlene & All the Earth Angels at BFHR